Lesson Reminders
Riding Time

To ensure that you receive your full riding time,
we request that riders be at the barn ready to ride at least 5-10 minutes BEFORE the class
is scheduled to start.

Each lesson will be scheduled for the same time each week for consistency.

All riders must be prepared for the lesson and arrive on time.
  Due to the scheduled number of riders, makeups due to absences are
extremely difficult to reschedule.

We provide riding helmets and have a limited number of boots available. Should you wish to purchase a helmet, please contact us for a list
of sources.

Instructor Objectives

Our intent is for all students to learn to ride and advance as quickly as their individual ability allows, a
s well as have fun. Our primary
concern, however, is the safety of the rider and horse.

Make up Lessons

We offer make-up lessons due to
weather or illness.  These postponed lessons are usually held during the week/weeks following the
regularly scheduled session.

Cancellation Policy

If possible, please contact us 24 hours before your lesson to cancel.  We understand life gets crazy and sometimes things comes up, so a
quick text (530-867-3866) prior to your lesson will suffice.  If you do not contact us and do not show up
, you will be charged the full price of
your lesson.
 Considerable time goes into scheduling riders, planning lessons and reserving horses for riders, therefore it is the
responsibility of the rider to come to lessons and be on time
, or let us know beforehand.

Progressing to the Next Level

Riders must consistently show their instructor they can meet all the goals for their riding level before
advancing to the next level.